Giveback Heroes

Finnovant partners with Giveback Heroes to help people in need during the pandemic

Giveback Heroes

Finnovant partners with Giveback Heroes to help people in need during the pandemi


Giveback Heroes is an apolitical, socioeconomic recovery initiative collaborating with cause-minded organizations & individuals to provide contact-free, gift code care packages for the heroes & victims of COVID-19 lockdowns & social unrest, while collectively stimulating merchant economies.

THE PROBLEM: socioeconomic aftermath of COVID-19 will effect us for some time


Nurses, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, military personnel and others who risk their lives are overwhelmed, suffering from fear, anger, anxiety, sleeplessness, and workplace burn out which is causing increased cases of acute stress disorder. They are not only risking their own health, but their family’s too.


Pandemic related business shutdowns have caused layoffs and job losses; 35M in the US are unemployed. 30% of Americans did not make their housing payment in June (acc. Apartment List Survey). According to Freedom America (food charity), the current amount of Americans who are food-insecure may jump to 54 Million.


Due to COVID-19 & rioting, US Merchants are closing their stores & filing Chapter 11 in record numbers. Over 48% higher than this time last year, (acc. Epiq Global). Second-wave fear, uptick in positive tests, social distancing/capacity restrictions and decreasing disposable income will compound merchant losses for industries most effected – requiring us all to pitch in to recover.


Your Tax-deductible Donation Sends Essentials, R&R & Self Care eGift Aid Care Packages to those who need our support.

Individuals or organizations can donate merchant gift-code-aid as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives providing relief for those in need while stimulating merchant economies.

Please contact our team for sponsorship opportunities at 1-844-724-8911 on donations greater than $5,000. For all other donations please visit the following link to make your donation through the GoFundMe campaign

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